The answer to all the questions below is (heck) YES.


I don’t actually have a business yet? 
I still have a full time 9-5 job but I want to take action on my idea? 
I have a book in me but I haven’t taken any steps yet to pursue it? 
I want to start a podcast but I’m lacking clarity on my messaging and how to make it happen? 
I want to pursue or do more public speaking? 
I want to build my personal brand but I have a small social media following? 
I’m unclear on my next steps in pursuing my “big” idea? 
My idea is just a side gig right now?
I’m looking to land more partnerships and sponsorships?
I have a large audience and I am looking to monetize?
I already have a successful business but I’m looking for clarity on how to scale?
I’ve never done a mastermind or program like this before? 
I live outside of the US? 
I work in corporate and want to elevate my brand within corporate? 
I’m changing careers? 
I want help with my instagram and content marketing strategy? 
I want to connect to a life-long community of like-minded and like-hearted women? 
I need accountability to take things to the next level? 

Is Renegade Accelerator right for me if…

Other FAQ's

Is this a mastermind?

Sure you can call it that. You’ll be leveling up with other like-minded and like-hearted Renegades looking to take things to the next level. We chose the word Accelerator because it’s a more intensive, jolt of adrenaline type program and we dive right in. Our goal is to help you get from idea to action, from dreaming to doing, as quickly as you’d like.

Is this an online course?

Nope. How often have you bought an online course and never even logged in? (We see you, hands raised over here). This is not a course. This is live and engaged community of women showing up each and every week to learn and grow together, real-time. 

How much time will it take per week? 

We kick things off on a Friday morning, then every Friday morning after that you will take part in a live session with Amy Jo followed by corresponding assignments to dive into the material as it relates to you and your idea. There will be no hypothetical assignments. Every action you take will be functional and relative to your goals. This will take time outside of your normal “job” to see the results you crave, and we will hold your feet to the fire every single week. However, we’ve had plenty of Alumni complete the program while maintaining full time 9-5 jobs, it just takes a renegade. 

I’m not sure if I’m ready for this kind of investment?

This program is a healthy investment in yourself, and we don't take that lightly. We believe wholeheartedly that the way you invest in your business, in your future, in your ability to reach a whole new level - is by investing in your personal and professional development. This commitment has to feel in alignment with you and your goals. If it's not a hell yes then ... it might be a hell no. Check-in, trust your gut and then decide. 

Are there scholarship opportunities available? 

We've had several alumni get creative when it comes to paying for Accelerator.  Consider asking your company to invest in your personal development by helping with the cost.  Or research different grants that may apply to your local area or your industry.  If Accelerator is the right next step for you, we know you'll find the resources to make it happen, it just takes some renegade thinking. 

What specific topics are covered?

We focus on your Personal Brand - Your Brand Essence (how to identify and articulate this outward - focusing on the who and why versus the what). Leveraging social media for your business, content strategy and lead generation. Also the business side of Public Speaking, Paid Partnerships, Book Publishing, Podcasting & Wealth Creation. The program is equal parts education, collaboration and accountability.

We create a roadmap to establish your individual goals then reverse engineer mini sprint-goals to get there. None of the work is hypothetical, it’s all applicable to your real world. The program overlaps with your to-do list and a big goal you have vs. being extra work. The things that are done between our video calls are designed to get you to your goal(s). I’ve designed the curriculum and Renegade Mentality to serve you through your time at Renegade Accelerator and for the rest of your life.

I’m looking for a mentor, I’m not sure a group program is the right next step?

A group program is probably exactly what you need to learn and grow from women in all different industries and backgrounds. We call it frentorship (friend and mentor) and what’s better than one frentor? A group of them all looking to invest in each other’s future. 

Ok, I'm ready. Let me in!