The Alumni

Ready to join this powerful group of women?
Meet some of the graduates of the Renegade ACCELERATOR! 

Lauren Bongiorno

author, Entrepreneur, health coach

"My business is growing and the Accelerator is a huge reason why.
This was the best thing I could've done personally and professionally."

Lauren Mitrick Wood

entrepreneur, realtor

"Amy Jo revolutionized the way I thought about social media branding.
She took my networking abilities to new heights by teaching me how to convert online interactions into deals. Amy Jo commands a room with warmth and compassion, always making you feel like you're the only one there and steering the conversation in a clear direction. I'm grateful to say that I've turned several Direct Messages from Instagram into
multi-million dollar deals."

Danika Brysha 

Entrepreneur, influencer, self care advocate

"I was inspired by everyone. This community is incredible.  Accelerator was a lot more emotional and personal than I would have thought and I learned that I need space, creative space."

Heather Allen

Baking Innovator, Entrepreneur

"I emerged from Accelerator with a new outlook. I gained the confidence I needed to own that I’m not only a business woman, I’m a renegade. I bought my first commercial building and I'm taking my business to the next level."

Ksenia Avdulova

Entrepreneur, influencer, podcast host

"Accelerator has made a big impact on my business. I launched my course. I had a very specific monetary goal and I hit that as well."

Elaine Morrison

wellness advocate, Entrepreneur

"Amy Jo and this group has been so instrumental in pivoting my brand. Otherwise, I would be lost at this stage. I’m now ready to be the face of the brand."

Shauna Harrison, PhD

author, fitness influencer, professor

"The Accelerator allowed me to dig deeper than I ever have before and in effect, I landed on a clear concept for my book."

Erin Bailey

author, fitness influencer

"I did the one thing I think I was the most scared to do: invest in myself. I felt so stuck but the Accelerator helped me define my personal brand essence and regain my focus."

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